ORYX 2 ready for action

Hoffmann + Krippner, a specialist for complex input systems, has added the new digital press Oryx2 by SwissQprint to complement its printing department. With the Swiss digital printing experts SwissQprint and their many years of experience, H+K found exactly the right partner for its complex application areas and tasks.

 ORYX 2 - Digital printing machine

After several months of testing with regard to the printing materials used by H+K, the combination of digital and screen printing, further processing of digitally printed films, keeping in mind custom requirements and durability under extreme climatic conditions or the achievement of more than one million operations, the investment of 250,000 EUR was approved.
The new digital flatbed printer Oryx2 supports for front foils, parts and displays to be printed photorealistic with a resolution of 2160 dpi. With nine color channels and the integrated “Forga-Standard” PSD (Process Standard Digital-Print) complex motifs, grid less homogeneous surfaces, finest detail drawings or smallest writing can be easily reproduced. This opens up numerous advantages and opportunities for Hoffmann + Krippner, such as the personalization of prints, coding with bar-code or the quick production of exhibit samples independent of the nature of the substrate.

The picture above shows the installation of the machine.

More information in our german blog: www.tastaturblog.de/2015/11/digitaldruck-vs-siebdruck-oder-wie-wir-lernten-die-staerken-zweier-welten-zu-nutzen/