Case Study Prüftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH


The correct and precise alignment of machines in industry pays dividends, since around 50 % of all machine downtimes can be attributed to insufficient alignment.

The ROTALIGN Ultra precision alignment device with laser optics made by our customer Prüftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH makes it possible to reliably avoid alignment errors in order to achieve an accurate alignment of machines.

The requirements placed on Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH for an intuitively usable operating unit which is always reliable were particularly high here: the keyboard must permit an alphanumerical entry, have background illumination, be protected from dust and be splashproof to IP65 and also be equipped with LEDs.

Bedieneinheit für die Firma Prüftechnik bei der Anwendung


Complex solutions and individual engineering are Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH’s strengths. Therefore a high quality and above all reliable control unit was developed in a very short time for Prüftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH. After a development period lasting just eight weeks, the customer was able to take a look at the finished input unit.

The design of the background illuminated, alphanumerical keypad was selected according to ergonomic perspectives and is divided into the three areas of navigation, data entry and function keys. 

The GT technology developed by Hoffmann + Krippner guarantees excellent haptics even under extreme conditions; the keypad is mounted on a circuit board and protected from dust and is splashproof to protection class IP 65. Two additional LEDs integrated in the keypad evaluate the alignment status without time delay subject to specified tolerance tables.

The keypad is connected to the remaining device with the aid of a zero force socket so that it can be easily assembled and integrated by the customer.


Today ROTALIGN Ultra ensures the precise alignment of machines in over 70 countries. The input unit from Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH supports the user with its simple and reliable operability.

The highest levels of engineering and know-how coupled with our passion for perfection make it possible for our customer to equip his high quality products with a functional and ever reliable keypad for optimal operability and precise measurement results.