Sensofoil® Hybrid in the car


IRT sought position sensors for adjustable suction pipes (air box) which were to be integrated into the existing construction. In this case, only those sensors that properly function in such difficult environmental conditions could be used.


Our new Sensofoil® Hybrid was developed to prevent the dent effect of membrane potentiometers. Initial testing produced successful results in a door system of railed vehicles. The results of the study influenced this project. IRT received a modified Sensofoil® potentiometer. The Ignition Racing Team from Osnabrück has one of the first Sensofoil® Hybrid membrane potentiometers used in the airbox, producing results beyond satisfaction.


Peter Kontermann writes:

The Sensofoil® potentiometers that we currently use combine a POM switch with a spring range of approx. 3.5mm. They have an extremely long life cycle and function after thousands of cycles even under extreme conditions, such as high vibration, large fluctuating deformations of the airbox and steady fuel gases." The development objective was achieved.

Diverse Arten und Formen von Sensofoil Potentiometer