Position sensing for doors and gates


For position sensing in doors and gates, various sensors are commonly used, ranging from simple switches to highly accurate position sensors. The differences in the sensors used are based on the available space and, of course, the price point.

The ideal sensor must continuously emit a signal over the entire measuring path, take up only little space and be economical.



Linear Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers in lengths up to 760mm (optionally longer) with a height of 0.5mm can detect almost all sliding doors. These membrane potentiometers are available as standard solutions according to our data sheets, as Sensofoil® Hybrid for long periods of inactivity or as contactless magnetic versions.

Rotary Sensofoil® can be integrated directly at the site of application. A sensor at the engine, for example, becomes obsolete. Sensofoil® can also detect the position if applied in closing systems of doors and windows. If Sensofoil® is printed on a circuit board, Hoffmann + Krippner also populates the PCB.