Case Study Remote control for Siemens Medizintechnik


The well-being of patients is of prime importance in medical technology. A faultless technology which functions at all times is an absolute must for every manufacturer of medical devices. It was therefore not without reason that Siemens AG decided to rely on Hoffmann + Krippner as their device partner when it came to developing a remote control for flexible use.

The requirements for this were as challenging as they were innovative: to design a remote control unit for universal use with the different medical devices of Siemens AG, to develop a corresponding and aesthetically pleasing plastic casing with ergonomic key input, to integrate an electronic control unit, to produce the membrane keyboard and the casing, to develop a radio interface with corresponding software and to design an own charging station for fast recharging.

Fernbedienung für Siemens im Einsatz für unterschiedliche Medizingeräte


This project demanded all of the core competencies of Hoffmann + Krippner. Following a development period of just 12 months, it was possible to present Siemens AG with the finished product. A functional, safe and aesthetically discriminating remote control, which completely satisfies all of the operational demands placed on it.

All control keys were provided with gentle actuation and GT overlay, while the function keys were equipped with greater actuating force and discreet key embossing in order to prevent operating errors on the part of medical personnel.

The keys executed using Hoffmann + Krippner technology communicate a particularly pleasant haptic to the operator; for safety reasons the upper keypad may only be operated in connection with simultaneous actuation of the safety key on the back which has a large surface and is non-tactile. The colour design of the keys, for example for direction control, is geared to the colours of the medical devices and therefore permits intuitive operation.


Today the innovative remote control units made by Hoffmann + Krippner are deployed in numerous medical devices from Siemens AG, also internationally in 20 countries. With a sense of responsibility for the highest quality, passion for innovative new developments and commitment to customers, Hoffmann + Krippner helps to ensure that the assistance given to patients around the world is faster, better and safer.