GT-Technology - operator-friendly and durable

Hoffmann + Krippner has equipped flat membrane keyboards with key domes. This allows the operator to feel where the key functions are triggered, even during blind operation.

A dome-shaped area of shiny plastic is accurately positioned onto the mebrane overlay. The clear material supports the visual appearance of signal and control lamps and improves readability even at a wide viewing angle. 

This patented GT Technology, developed by Hoffmann + Krippner allows for large, rectangular keys while specially suited for rough, industrial applications.

Further benefits:

  • extremely high chemical and mechanical durability of keys
  • pressure points due to hard objects "mend" on their own and leave no scratch 
  • creative aesthetics and exclusive design possibilities, e.g. application of the domes onto company logos, displays, LEDs, etc.
  • pleasant, operator-friendly keyboard overlay with optimal haptic
  • accelerated data entry due to elastic key domes 
  • good tactile feedback