Capacitive sensors (Switzerland)


Mechanical switches and switches often form the interface in man-machine communication. Often they are the cause of malfunctions in electronic systems due to their mechanical and electrical wear. Capacitive, self-adjusting sensor sockets provide elegant, maintenance-free solutions. These can be placed invisibly behind non-conductive linings, e.g. (Uncoated) glass, tiles, ceramics, plastic, wood, stone, textiles, wallpaper, and the like. to be assembled. This makes them particularly suitable for applications with a high-quality surface finish, as an operating element in areas with strict hygienic requirements or for vandal-proof applications.

The innovative functionality of the EDISEN sensors is based on a patented principle of digital evaluation of changes in electrical fields. This allows mechanical switches and switches to be replaced by electronic solutions.

A capacitive sensor generates an electrical near field. When a body or an object approaches, this field changes. This change is recorded digitally. On the basis of these data, the intelligent evaluation electronics decide whether a switching process is triggered or not. The capacitive sensors are available in various designs. In the low-voltage range up to 40VDC but also for direct switching of the 230VAC level. There are ON / OFF switches, push buttons, time switches and dimmers as well as illuminated and non-illuminated versions. Special variants are gesture switches and wide-range sensors up to 40cm switching distance. Conductive films of any shape can also be used as a detection surface when they are connected to the sensor by means of a thin wire (so-called exported sensor surfaces).

As a sales partner for Switzerland, Hoffmann + Krippner Schweiz GmbH offers expert advice and a comprehensive range of EDISEN sensors. If you want a configuration, which we do not stock - the available variants can be seen in the technical data sheets - we can order them for you, of course.

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