Hoffmann + Krippner is a leading provider of custom membrane switches and complex input systems in Europe


Capacitive and resistive touch screens - we will find the perfect solution based on your requirements


Precise measurement results, long life and low-profile design - high-end Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers

Connected Devices

We connect sensors, input devices and industrial electronics with cloud platforms and ERP-Systems.


A noble appearance - enclosure systems with timeless design complete the product portfolio at H+K.


Four decades of experience

Comprehensive advice and support with technical diligence and expertise.

We provide impetus for medium and large-scale customers, advise and take on project and implementation responsibilities. Our developers and designers analyze your individual requirements, provide current market trends and assist in their evaluation.

We provide our expertise for support with the design, engineering and manufacturing to the highest standards. The integral approach to your specific requirements is at focus which results in aesthetic products at high technical standards.

We manufacture exclusively in Buchen, Germany. The quality of our products is a main focus. Streamlined and automated manufacturing processes with continuous inspections after each production step keep the margin of error as low as possible.

We have been developing customized software for years. The diversity of industries constantly provides us with new challenges and drives our development team to further evolve. Our values at H+K consist of working in partnership, innovative concepts and clean technical implementation.

Hoffmann + Krippner

Product differentiation by form, function, design and quality

Merging markets and increasing international competition consistently raise the competitive pressure for manufacturers of technical systems. The result is an increasing need for product differentiation by form, function, design and quality. The continuous adjustment of essential components with regard to new trends and requirements as well as the emergence of new product lines are the logical consequence of this ongoing challenge. 

At Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH we are well aware of the dynamics of the market and have been investing in the continuous expansion of our development and design departments for years. The development of control and input units must be tailored specifically to the application. 

Form, function and design are the identity of a technical product, with the input unit as the interface between man and machine. With our know-how of 40 years of production and current technical expertise, Hoffmann + Krippner creates the best possible solutions for your applications, taking exceptional quality standards into account.


In addition to the demand for high quality products, exceptional customer service is a main focus. A large warehouse onsite in Buchen ensures fast availability of stored products and components. The logistic demands of our customers can be met in any case. 

Flexible processing based on a KANBAN-system is possible as well as the establishment of a consignment warehouse. Our courteous sales team provides all-around support and ensures comfort even in hectic times. Comprehensive consultation, full-service program even at small to medium volume projects and a complete benefits package through the complex in-house production in Buchen with explicit software know-how - Hoffmann + Krippner is a central partner for innovative devices.

As pioneers of the membrane keypad in Germany, our second-generation, family-owned business with about 200 employees has matured into the market leader for complex operating units. Our production facility is in Buchen, Germany. We rely on the quality standard "Made in Germany". As our customer you will benefit from our experience and knowledge.