H+K was classified as a KRITIS company

By manufacturing input systems, sensors and housings for vital equipment during the corona pandemic, Hoffmann + Krippner was classified as a critical infrastructure (KRITIS) and thus declared system relevant.

Hoffmann + Krippner Logo mit KRITIS Symbol

Even before COVID-19, H+K was developing and producing input systems, sensors and housings for medical technology and devices. Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the top priority has been to supply medical equipment manufacturers with our components so that lives can be saved.

H+K was therefore classified as a KRITIS company. Critical infrastructures (KRITIS) are organisations with important significance for the nation's society and economy. A failure or impairment of these organisations would lead to lasting supply bottlenecks, significant disruption to public security or other dramatic severe consequences.

The production of keypads, membrane switches, touchscreens and housings for respirators and infusion pumps,for example, are thus some of the most important, and in some cases vital, goods and services for the population.

By Hoffmann + Krippner being classified as a KRITIS company, we expect easier procurement of materials and the availability of emergency childcare for employees directly involved in the supply chain.


For more information on critical infrastructures (KRITIS), see: www.kritis.bund.de