The Regional Initiative for Vocational Training was honored with the Silver award of the “Ace of Education"

We are actively working to prevent shortage of skilled labor! For this purpose, the Regional Initiative for Vocational Training was founded in the Neckar-Odenwald district, an association of 16 industrial companies providing vocational training. In December, the RIB was honored with the Silver award of the “Ace of Education” in Berlin.

Gruppenbild der Vertreter der RIB bei der Preisverleihung in Berlin

The initiative of the Young German Economy – a merger of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland and Junioren des Handwerks – as well as the insurance group INTER awarded the “Ace of Education” for the 22nd time to Germany’s companies providing the finest vocational training. Those companies and educational initiatives placing in three categories receive cash prices between € 500 and € 2500.

The Regional Initiative for Vocational training, an association of 16 industrial companies providing vocational training, submitted an application in the category “training initiatives” this year. A total of 143 companies applied nationwide for the three categories (trade, services and industry – skilled crafts – training initiatives). 

The official ceremony took place on 12/13/2019 at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin. Six representatives of the RIB traveled to Berlin and were thrilled to be part of the festivities. After a welcome address of the parliamentary Secretary of State to the Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Christian Hirte and a podium discussion – interrupted by a fire alarm – the time had come: the award winners were each introduced after a short speech. Michael Schillinger, Sales Director of the INTER Insurance Group, summarized: “Getting in touch early with the specialists of tomorrow and providing comprehensive information about the benefits of training. A progressive and commendable approach, according to the jury! That is the reason why we congratulate and honor the Regional Initiative for Vocational Training (RIB) with the Silver award of the “Ace of Education”!

The Jury awarded the Regional Initiative for Vocational Training (RIB), founded in 2015, a cash prize of € 1500 in addition to the “Ace of Education for its idea and commitment. The initiative’s representatives proudly accepted the award on behalf of the RIB affiliated companies, briefly introducing the idea and concept and answering a few questions. 

After the obligatory photo session, the representatives of the RIB visited the Member of Parliament Alois Gehrig in the House of Representatives and reported on the initiative and the award. 


The following companies are affiliated with the Regional Initiative Vocational Training:

  • Aurora Konrad G. Schulz GmbH & Co. KG (Mudau)
  • AZO GmbH & Co. KG (Osterburken), Concad GmbH (Walldürn)
  • Dossmann GmbH (Rippberg)
  • Magna Getrag B.V. & Co. KG (Rosenberg)
  • Grammer Interior Components GmbH (Hardheim)
  • Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH (Buchen)
  • Josef Schimmel Adelsheim GmbH (Adelsheim)
  • KUHN GmbH Technische Anlagen (Höpfingen)
  • Leiblein GmbH (Hardheim)
  • Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KG (Hardheim)
  • Mosca GmbH (Strümpfelbrunn)
  • P&G Manufacturing GmbH (Walldürn)
  • Scheuermann + Heilig GmbH (Hainstadt)
  • Weiss GmbH (Buchen)
  • Zerspanungswerkzeuge Wolfdieter Hieke (Buchen)


Idea and Concept:

With its concept, the RIB wants to tackle the general shortage of skilled labor and workers by offering young people attractive vocational training opportunities. The initiators see the root of the problem as early as elementary school. Many parents still believe that high school diplomas as well as vocational training occupations are not sufficient in today’s economy. That is why the representatives of the RIB attend 4th grade parent conferences at local schools on a regular basis to present the project and development possibilities for training in the industry.