Three Things Medical Equipment Should Have To Perform Well in a Pandemic

In other words, modern medical manufacturing innovations like (1) antimicrobial surface treatments, (2) the ability to thoroughly disinfect at a swipe, and (3) well-designed HMI have never been more important in healthcare environments than they are right now.

Patient im Krankenhaus mit Infusionspumpen im Vordergrund

Not all medical equipment is equally effective or safe to use. Particularly in the middle of a public health crisis, medical manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors need to carefully consider how to build medical machines that will prove equally adept at facilitating patient care and keeping everyone safe from exposure to dangerous pathogens.

That’s partly because the Coronavirus seems to have a fairly long lifespan on surfaces. According to Harvard Medical School, “Recent studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus may remain on surfaces or objects for up to 72 hours.”

That is intolerable in a healthcare setting, where the surfaces of medical equipment and their input devices (keypads, membrane switches, touchscreens, etc.) may be exposed to numerous individuals, both infected and not infected. To avoid those devices from becoming a vector for transmission, it’s crucial that they remain hygienic.


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