Practice-oriented studies

Have you decided on getting a degree but want to apply theoretical lessons in a real-life work environment? Hoffmann + Krippner has been working in close collaboration with the Business School Mosbach. An integrated degree program combines company training with the knowledge acquired in school. 

As one of the leading employers in the Neckar-Odenwald area, it is important for us as H+K to personally train our expert professionals. Our consultation-intensive products require deep expertise not only in theory but fully understand their function and structure. The integrated degree program is a great alternative for those that are practice oriented to obtain an academic degree. That way, nothing stands in the way of a long-term future at Hoffmann + Krippner. 

Besides the fast integration into a competent and innovative work environment, Hoffmann + Krippner places special emphasis on a healthy work-life balance. Motivated employees are a key factor to the company's success. 

We do not only offer quality training, but also:

  • Sponsored sports and leisure activities
  • Social events
  • Medical prevention
  • Motivational events for team building
  • and much more

For more information about the integrated degree program at Hoffmann + Krippner, please contact our Human Resource Department, Mr. Roland Hollerbach or the Business School in Mosbach.

Wir bieten neben der qualitativen Ausbildung auch:

  • geförderte Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten
  • gesellschaftliche Veranstaltungen
  • medizinische Prävention
  • Motivationsausflüge zum Teambuilding
  • und noch vieles mehr

Informationen über das Duale Studium bei Hoffmann + Krippner erhalten Sie von unserer Personalabteilung, Herr Roland Hollerbach oder der Dualen Hochschule in Mosbach.