Motivated specialists through in-depth training

A steady growth is only possible with the support of a skilled and innovative workforce. By investing in diverse training program, H+ K also secures its own future. Our trainees are continuously educated on daily working operations so they can be fully integrated after completion of the training program. We consider our trainees "a breath of fresh air" as they provide new ideas and suggestions for improvement. To ensure that our trainees are aware our philosphy of "togetherness" H+K organizes regular "Trainee-Trips" in order to promote team spirit. 

Additionally, each trainee is given the opportunity to be elected as trainee speaker and take on a small share of responsibility in the company early on. The tasks include organization of trainee meetings, manage assigned group projects and/or attend regular meetings with instructors. 

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We train in the areas of

  • Industrial sales associate
  • Electronics Engineer / for devices and systems
  • Machine and Plant Operator
  • Microtechnologist / Specialization in microsystem technology
  • Media Technologist
  • Technical Draftsman

If you are interested in the Trainee Program at Hoffmann + Krippner, please send your application and resume to our Human Resources Department, Mr. Roland Hollerbach.