Our membrane switches set standards in function and design

Design ideas that can be implemented with membrane keyboards are virtually limitless. With and without tactile feedback, rigid or flexible - depending on the application, membrane switches can provide the exact properties and specifications required. Membrane switches with tactile feedback ensure clear, low-bounce switching behavior, regardless of the kind of key operation. The shape of the contact fields guarantee reliable contact with clear feedback.

Highest reliability requirements for virtually electroless circuits may be achieved by mutual gold plated contacts for rigid PCB models.

Membrane keyboards are perfectly suited for country specific labeling with additional interchangeable strips. Existing keyboards can be adjusted to the respective label variation in no time. The product life with over 1 million switching cycles is guaranteed as well.

GT Technology

Good tactile feedback via key tabs with key caps.


Membrane switches with lighting for workplaces in darkened rooms.


Double-contact foil terminals provide maximum operator panel reliability.


Antimicrobial membrane switches for long-term protection against bacterial contamination.

Our flat input systems

  • have no limits in regards to applications and specific properties
  • open up new dimensions in design while offering fully optimized functionality
  • have been tried and tested in highly sensitive, safety-relevant areas such as medical applications and nuclear technology
  •  cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and servicable life with over a million switching cycles
  •  facilitate optimal ergonomic operation
  •  are intelligent, compact, powerful, safe to operate and provide pleasant tactile feedback
  • greatly exceed the quality requirements of the DIN standard

We develop today the products of tomorrow.