Front panels - integrated perfectly in your application

Carrier plates made of aluminum, plastic, sheet metal or stainless steel are commonly used to ensure optimal integration of the control unit into our clients’ applications. These carrier plates provide the necessary stability and optimal support for the control element, membrane keyboard or even a touch screen. Further advantages are the variations of possible installation options using adhesive or screws. The installation can be fully customized to your application. 

Even the metal surfaces can be customized according to the requirements for optimal operation. From anodizing to varnishing and powder coatings, the carrier material can be processed to match customer requirements. 

Versatile mechanical processing of plastic, aluminum, sheet metal or stainless steel is vital in order to optimally integrate a front panel into an application. Dimensionally accurate stamping, drilling and milling ensure precise implementation of your production requirements. An ideal front panel will be developed in collaboration with the customer, according to existing requirements as well as our recommendations.

Printed circuit boards (PCB) populated with electronic components and made from FR4 material, can also be used as a carrier plate. Starting at 0.5mm thickness, a circuit board populated with corresponding electronic components on either side can be integrated into limited space applications using adhesive or bolts. 

Are you in need of a fully sealed solution? With our in-house designed and custom build dispensing machine, we can apply customer- or product specific gaskets to front panels. Various options are available upon request in regards to materials and shapes of dispensed gaskets: single layer, double layer (beads applied on top of each other), combination gaskets (with conductive core and EMC shielding) or custom shapes. 


  • Choice of carrier material
  • Variable mounting options
  • Custom surface finishing
  • Custom gasket shapes and designs