Optical Bonding - Brilliant image and improved sensitivity for capacitive input

Hoffmann + Krippner has optimized its internal "Optical Bonding" production processes and offers ready-to-go display solutions suitable for bright environments (even in small quantities).

A special bonding technique, known as optical bonding, ensures a clear view even in low light conditions.

An air gap is commonly located between a filter or a touchscreen and the display behind. This causes the image to lose its brilliance and distracting reflections to develop. The bonding fills this air gap using a high-quality, transparent adhesive, eliminating it completely. The light refraction caused by the gap can be reduced significantly.

The liquid adhesive also prevents moisture from gathering in between the display and touchscreen and prevents possible condensation. Screen clouding after longer operating times is therefore no longer an issue.

In addition to these benefits, the entire optical system is much more robust to temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress due to the air-filled gap. Bonded screens, otherwise more sensitive, can now also be used in industrial and outdoor applications.

This new technology also satisfies additional safety requirements. In case the glass suffers damage or cracks, it will not immediately shatter as it is held together by the adhesive, thus, minimizing the risk of injury to the operator.

Optical bonding offers another advantage in conjuction with capacitive touchscreens.

Through the filled air gap with the adhesive, the sensitivity of the capacitive input can be better adjusted. The mixture of water and air that otherwise accumulates in the gap prevents optimal settings.

Clear prospects for all applications and absolute clear view for users. Find more information at   www.sensotouch.com.