Sensofoil®: wear-free, low-cost membrane potentiometers as displacement and angle sensors

Accurate, flat, durable: Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers

Precise measurement results, long life-cycle and a compact design: Sensofoil® provides and delivers high-quality membrane potentiometers. Whether linear, rotary or customer-specific shapes - almost any customer requirement can be implemented quickly and easily.

Through innovative product development and superior quality standards, Sensofoil® provides reliable and economic potentiometer solutions with a life cycle of up to 20 million movements at operating temperatures of up to 105°C.

With Sensofoil®, the most diverse potentiometer solutions can be implemented quickly and easily. Due to the variable shapes, flat design, and easy adaptation to customer-specific requirements, it can be easily integrated into any application. Our team of experts will consult and assit in choosing the right design for your project.

Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers are used as voltage dividers and consist of several layers, which are seperated by a so called spacer. The resistive track and collector foil as wiper tap are connected through mechanical (wiper) or magnetic pressure. SensofoilÆ is available in various different versions - tailored to your individual requirements.

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